We have a long history of successful delivery to a range of military customers throughout South East Asia, Australasia and South America. In support of this, we maintain personal contacts within the Australian, New Zealand and Chilean armed forces.

The Royal New Zealand Air Force



Since 1998, we have been contracted to provide heavy maintenance for the majority of The Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) fleet's airframes and components. This includes the C-130 Hercules (5 airframes), the P-3 Orion (6 airframes) and the UH-1 (14 airframes). We are also contracted to overhaul the RNZAF's 54H60 propellers and T56-14 and T56-15 engines.

Included in this service agreement is the operation and strategic capability retention of the RNZAF's main repair depot, RNZAF Woodbourne. We carry out over 90% of the RNZAF's heavy maintenance at this facility.

We also provide aeronautical engineering support at RNZAF Ohakea.

The Royal Australian Air Force

We are an Approved Maintenance Organisation of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), specifically for maintaining and overhauling the 54H60 and R391 (C130J) propellers.

The RAAF frequently engages Safe Air to undertake T56 engine and engine support unit overhauls. In addition, we have undertaken heavy maintenance of RAAF C-130H aircraft.

Armada de Chile


Armada de Chile  P-3ACH

In 2002, we successfully undertook a comprehensive heavy maintenance programme for the Armada de Chile's entire fleet of P3 Orions. This programme included structural life recommendations, and the formal training of 24 Armada de Chile maintenance personnel.

Outside of this programme, we undertake regular visits to the Armada de Chile for maintenance and technical updates. We have also provided consultation to the Armada on the requirements to operate the aircraft till 2020.